Monday, November 12, 2007


For a fun activity for the boys' birthdays, we went bowling on November 9. We have kind of a crazy week during the first part of November with 3 birthdays in 6 days. The boys went off track on November 9 and had a half day on November 8 so and since those are Nicholas' and Andrew's birthdays respectively, it was an extra birthday present. The boys actually do pretty good bowling and this time Liam got into it and pushed the ball down the ramp to make it go down the lane. It made it into the gutter everytime, but he would jump up and down watching it roll. Andrew won this round and we will be back for a rematch!

Seven is heaven!

Happy birthday Andrew! We went to Red Robin for dinner and then came home and had cake and ice cream and watched Ratatouille. I can't believe that he is already 7 years old! He is such a nice and considerate boy and loves legos and playing soccer. His favorite color is green and he hates marinara sauce. I love you sweetie!

A couple more from Luke

The other day I was taking Luke to school and he was looking through my purse and found my gum. I love the Orbit brand and he asked me what it said. I told him, "Orbit." "What's an orbit?" I proceeded to tell him that an orbit is a planet's path around the sun and it goes in an oval. I thought that was sufficient until he asked me if the planets melted and went into the box for gum!

We were at Chili's for Nicholas' birthday and he handed out coasters for everyone and said, "There, now everyone has a lilypad!"

Yay for Justin!

My family has long awaited the arrival of a cheesecake factory and it finally opened--just in time for Justin's birthday which was on November 3. My dad waited for about 3 hours so we could eat there and it was worth the wait! The food was delicious as usual and we got three different kinds of cheesecake to share, my favorite was the dulce de leche and Justin's was the pumpkin cheesecake. We are so glad that Justin had a birthday so we could have a reason to go eat there! Justin, I love you!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Witches and pumpkins

On October 29, we made our annual trip to Gardner Village to see the witch display! It is always fun and this year we stayed a little longer and the boys got to feed the fish and ducks and even saw a water snake which they thought was pretty cool. Afterward, we stopped at the candy shop to get jelly bellies and a Diet Coke for calm my nerves. That night we carved pumpkins and we all had a good time. It was Liam's first time really getting into things and he did pretty well. He does NOT like to have his hands dirty so he would touch the pumpkin guts with the back of his hands, not his fingers. The boys drew the faces on their pumpkins themselves and they did a pretty good job! See what you think!