Monday, April 27, 2009

I have been living in a dark, deep hole and have finally emerged.

Never, ever, EVER again will I work for five nights in a row. I suggest that no one else try it either. But how thoughtful of the weather to be sunny today in celebration of my first day awake in a while. Oh, yes. It feels good.

Random happenings over the last week:

-Nicholas hit his first home run and pitched an amazing game. He has had a little problem with confidence when it comes to hitting so hopefully this boosts his morale!

-Andrew and Nicholas had a violin recital and both did well and then six days later had their Federation competition and both received Superior ratings. Although they grumble daily about having to practice, they really enjoy doing well when they perform and I can justify making them practice because it is teaching them a valuable lesson!

-Andrew had a school play and sang a solo!

-Luke got 100% on his spelling test for the first time ever. I don't think the word beaming could quite describe the pride that was on his face.

-And Liam, well...he is just as cute as ever. We were listening to a CD my cute sister Erika made me of the Enchanted soundtrack. I think we listened to "How Does He Know" about 10 times on the way home from my parents house last night. When we pulled into the garage and turned the car off, Liam said: "I truly enjoy that song."

-Justin and I are still plugging away at life and work and such. As for me today, it is a day of laundry, grocery shopping and buying clothes for Nick since he is shooting up like a weed and all his pants are above his ankles. Luckily it is the season for shorts!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Easter!

I know I am a bit late to really extend this greeting, but please accept my wishes for a Happy Spring. Finally.

We had a wonderful Easter. It was a busy weekend...we went to the Scott's for dinner and an easter basket hunt on Saturday. The kids had such a fun time playing together and we are lucky to have such fun friends who are also family. Luke and Halle are exactly 9 months apart and Ashton was born about 8 months after Halle. Liam is 8 days older than Jackson. It is crazy and wild and loud but it is awesome to see them play together. We had our own hunt on Sunday morning and then went to my parent's house after church for more candy and dinner. The first barbeque of the season baby! We also celebrated my sister Erika's birthday and had homemade ice cream and delicious cake with fresh fruit. If that doesn't scream SPRING HAS ARRIVED, I don't know what does. No matter it rained cats and dogs for about 3 days after and we even had a fresh layer of the white stuff in our yard... at this point I am in denial. Here are some of the many pictures from the weekend:

I love my Savior. I know that he died for us and because of Him, we will have eternal life. I know he rose on the third day and was resurrected and because of this, we can be too. I am forever indebted to Him and will be forever grateful for his sacrifice.
Spring really has a way of reminding us to be better and to renew ourselves. We spring clean, the world becomes alive again, and we all seem to come out of our hibernation and venture outside more little by little. I am striving to be a little better each day to someday return and live with Him.

It's tempting.

I think I might move to Lehi just for their recreation center.

Have you been there? It is phenomenal, fabulous fun.

I love it mostly because it is pretty shallow for almost the entire enormous area that it is housed in and I don't have to worry about the older boys as much. That is essential when I take them swimming by myself.

We had such a great time. I ran into one of my friends from work who also had her kids. Luke and her son became fast friends.

I also love that my boys loved playing together and got along while we were there.

Really, go here. It will not disappoint.

For lunch, we stopped at Subway. Andrew is really into footlongs since his friend boasted he had eaten an entire one in a sitting. Since Andrew was getting one, Luke had to have one too. Luckily for me, ALL the footlongs were $5 so I agreed. The excitement that followed was too funny for me. I think Luke said "five dollar footlong" about 80 times while we were there. While he was ordering his sandwich, he told them: "this is what I want on my $5 footlong." After they wrapped it up, he told me that "this is the best $5 footlong he had ever seen" and while he was eating it he said(multiple times): "Wow. my $5 footlong is the best." or "do you want a taste of my $5 footlong?" You get the idea. It wasn't just a sandwich, it was the mighty $5 footlong. Thank you Subway for putting the icing on a fabulous day for a 6 year old boy and his mom who couldn't get enough of his exuberance.

A day of discovery. And decorating.

Spring break rocks and you know what rocks more? That somehow my schedule worked out so I was able to actually be awake to do things with the boys for the time they were out of school! Yeah for unexpected loveliness! Their spring break officially began Thursday, April 9 and we went to Discovery Gateway with my brother-in-law Adam and my cute niece, Caroline. Almost all of Utah decided to go as well, but at least we missed the 2 huge school busses of kids that had just left prior to us arriving. Some highlights of the excursion:

Here is a picture of Liam I got after I told him if he smiled for me I wouldn't take anymore pictures. Nice smile, eh?

After a fun filled day at Gateway, we headed up to my mom's to decorate sugar cookies. I don't know which I want to nibble more, my cute boys or the cookies!

Maybe I'll pass on nibbling this cookie:

Go Reds!

You know those pictures that make you extremely happy? Ones you look at over and over again because they are just perfect? Here is one of those pictures:

I told you you'd love it! Liam and my cute nephew, Jackson, before their first tball game April 8th. It was cold as all get out but they were so excited to play and it is so fun that they are on the same team.

Batter up!

Here you think that Liam is getting some last minute advice from his coach focusing hard on the play ahead, but no...Liam saw a bandaid on his coach's finger and asked: "You got an owie on your finger?"

The poor thing wore himself out and fell asleep reading a book. He kept telling me he wasn't tired but I have multiple pictures to prove otherwise. Do you think I could work it so he could play everyday?

Monday, April 6, 2009

April preparedness

Cooking stove/fuel:Recommended is a lightweight backpacking stove like a Jet Boil, or a MSR Pocket Rocket, and fuel to go with it. I haven't checked out the prices yet, but I think I may go this week and let everyone know the prices if anyone is interested.

Morale Boosters:Scriptures, candy, games, photos, a letter to the kids from parents...


Free:Change batteries on smoke detectors.

Here is an article on food storage from the March 2009 Ensign.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

And the winner is...

Thank you everyone for your great springtime ideas! I will definitely have to try them all and my boys will have some fun new things to do. But the moment you have all been waiting for...

MISTIE... you are the winner!!!

Yeah! Winner winner chicken dinner!

I know where you live and it will give me an excuse to finally see you...I feel like it has been ages!

I really liked this giveaway thing--it helps me, it helps you...I will have to do it again soon!

(I really used a whole lot of exclamation points in this post, I am exhausted just reading it! Oh, there I go again...)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random happenings over the last couple days

Monday night we were sitting in the living room, enjoying the silence of the t.v. just being turned off. Liam was looking at a picture of the three older boys in their Halloween costumes. I remember that day vividly. I went to the mall with my sister in laws to Kiddie Kandids and we had 5 kids under five trying to convince them to smile and pose so we could get a decent picture. We got a couple cute ones and after we were done, the adults needed a pick me up so we went to get a diet coke. I had also found out just 3 days prior that I was pregnant-not with Liam-but I hadn't told anybody yet.

While Liam was looking at this photo, he was saying their names: "Nicholas, Andrew, and Luke." He sat there for a minute and then looked at me and said: "I was with Jesus, huh!" I don't think I had ever really said anything like that to him and I can just imagine him snuggling up with Jesus waiting patiently for his turn to come and join us. I wonder if he remembers that crazy day that I was having and observing the life he would soon experience. It would be a long 15 months after that picture was taken before we would find out that we were pregnant with our little Liam and I wonder if I ever would have met him if that particular pregnancy had made it.

Andrew got a cute note from a girl in his class.

Nicholas was sick over the last couple days and stayed home from school. I went to grab his missed work yesterday to bring it home to him and there was a picture of two football players tackling each other that his friend had drawn for him laying on his desk. I must be a mom of boys because I thought it was kindof cute.

And finally, I took Nicholas to the doctor yesterday and Luke and Liam tagged along. On the way home, "In the Hall of the Mountain King" came on the radio. The boys recognize it from Little Einsteins so Luke and Liam were singing along, more like ba-ba-ba-ing along. And it wasn't sweet little voices that were ba ba ba-ing, it was loud, at the top of their lungs ba ba ba-ing. I also was not in the mood. Fighting traffic and a headache, it was dinner time and I still had not even thought about what we were having, and I am just getting over being sick myself so I just wanted everyone to let the New York Philharmonic play the music and keep their mouths shut. My plan did not go over very well and I think I told Luke about 6 times to can it and finally I said: "Luke, I am running out of patience. QUIET!" He looked at me and said: "Mom, I can't help it that I am so talented with music." Oh boy. It is a good thing he had his smile on when he said it too because I think he'd be dead.

One last thing--I AM SICK OF THIS WEATHER! So I am having my first giveaway. I drove by Down East Basics last night a couple times and their clothes are so fresh and springy that I am going to give away a $25 gift certificate from there. It is just my contribution to happiness-what can I say. The catch is, you have to comment and tell me your favorite springtime activity. It can be with kids or without and I will take everyone who comments and pick a name out of a hat. A springtime hat nonetheless. So good luck and bring on the ideas!