Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smooshing and empty heads

Tonight I was called off of work for 4 hours and treated myself while all the boys were gone to a girlie movie on t.v. They got home 15 minutes before it ended and all of the good romantic stuff started happening. One couple was kissing...between PG and PG-13 rated kissing...and Liam said: "Those people are smooshed against each other." I changed the channel.

And...Liam loves playing with flashlights. One night he was shining it against his hand, on the wall...then he placed it up against my ear and looked into my other one to see if it was shining through. Luckily (and surprisingly), no light was seen.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Liam stuck his spoon all the way down inside his oreo shake and he asked me to help him get it out. I pulled it out slowly and when it came out, it had tons of cookies on it. He said: "Look mom, you got a prize!"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Things that kept me up last night

Luke's face as Justin was whispering in it at Iceberg last night. I need to finish painting some walls in my house. Money--I don't know where it all goes. How well the boys are doing in school and the fact that Luke is actually liking school now. I need to learn how to budget better. I need new ideas for dinners. The boys' teachers. Andrew's cough. That Liam wanted his own appointment last night while we were at Parent Teacher conferences. That I don't work out enough. At all, for that matter. Food storage is lacking. Singing to Me and My Gang at the top of our lungs in the car. I am not creative enough. Nick's teacher telling him that if she ever needed a doctor or a lawyer when she is older, she would choose him. I don't teach the boys enough. Andrew's teacher telling us that she has nothing to worry about with him. I need to be more spiritual, more consistent in the everyday things like reading scriptures and prayers and family home evening. I need to not be so lazy. Watching the USA kick serious booty on the ice last night. I want new furniture. I need to be more organized. Cherry Diet Coke from Iceberg. It is my new obsession.

I don't think I should drink 44 oz of Diet Coke before I go to sleep anymore.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a fabulous weekend.

This past weekend was quite eventful.

On Saturday we went here: I don't know why the pictures are so dark--frustrating!)

Luke's last Jr. Jazz game of the season. He is so much fun to watch. I don't think I have ever seen Luke hustle to do anything so to see him be aggressive and defend people like he does is quite a sight. He sticks to his guy like glue and he even defends on offense. Now that is dedication. He actually is a pretty good shooter as well and when he makes a shot he quickly looks at us to make sure we saw it and then he gets excited once he knows we are looking. He has loved basketball for a long time and this was his first season playing...I don't think it will be his last.

Right after his game, we had our Scott Boys' Bake Sale to benefit Haiti. All the stress and preparation was worth was a huge success.
Here are photos of the philanthropists:

Here is the one that Andrew is finally not making a funny face. Luke was getting so mad because I took these right before we were going home and I would keep saying: "Okay guys, one more. Andrew just smile normally!" And Luke said: "Yeah, Andrew, just smile normally. I just want to go home!" And then Luke would turn and look at the camera as if he wasn't mad at all.

The food tables:

We decided to put this on so the boys would get outside of their Herriman bubble and so something to help others. We handed out almost 500 fliers throughout the area and I had so much help from my family, friends from work and friends and neighbors in the ward that we had a small bakery in our clubhouse. Let me rephrase that. It was like a boutique bakery. Everyone did such a cute job with their treats and wrapping them up so cute. It was fun to see the boys' faces as more and more items would come and Andrew said: "We are going to make a TON of money for Haiti!" We had quite a big turn out and we surpassed my goal of $250. Thank you everyone who supported this! Here are some behind the scene photos that the boys took:

I was supposed to go into work that night at 7:00 pm but received the call I was hoping to recieve asking me if I wanted to stay home. YES! I ran to the bookstore to get cupid gifts since I had kindof put it off because I had been so busy baking for the bake sale. There was a contest on the radio to qualify to win a trip to LA to see Taylor Swift if you were the 13th caller. I hurried and called but didn't expect anything. The first time was busy. The second time it rang and the DJ answered by saying "KBULL93. What is your name?" Holy cow. Did they just ask me my name? I think I may have just won! I answered him and he asked me where I was calling from. "Herriman." Then he asked me if I liked NASCAR and I said "Not so much" and I was worried that I had called in for the wrong contest. Then he asked me if I liked Taylor Swift and then I knew for sure that I had won. Yay! I won a CD and a chance to qualify for the trip! The DU told me that I needed to listen on Tuesday at 7:15 to see if I had won. I drove home and took a little nap and then went to work at 11 and then got to come home early. It was fabulous.

Sunday was Valentines Day. It was pretty low key but we had fun hanging out together eating yummy pancakes (for lunch since I slept in through breakfast) and then had this amazing homemade pizza for dinner. I can say that because I got the recipe from my sister. We watched a bit of the Olympics, I went to bed a little early, the boys and Justin had a late night playing the XBox.

I worked on Monday, Justin and the boys went swimming. We talked about our old house and all the mice stories we had from there around the dinner table. Watched a bit of the Olympics--Liam really liked watching how fast the skiers went down the hill in the Super G. He also remembered the luge from the night before and said that he wants to be a luger. Hmmm...I hope he changes his mind, it freaks me out.

This brings us to today. I am still considering this part of my weekend since it happened so early. I had weird dreams last night. One I was just given a baby which was awesome and the other one I was listening to see if I had won and they made up some rap song with every other person's name (that I assume qualified) but mine. I didn't have super high hopes when I was listening this morning but I would hate myself if I didn't listen and by some strange phenomenon won.

The DJs came on the air and said that they would be announcing the winner for the Taylor Swift flyaway after this next song. I sat and waited. Liam was playing the computer, the other boys in the shower getting ready for school. The song ended. Then they said the winner's name: Corinne Stott.

Stott? That could still be me. How many Corinnes are there? So I called.

"KBULL 93. Who's this?"
"I think you just called my name but I am not sure. I am Corinne S----. Are there two Corinnes?"
"What is your telphone number?"
I told him.
"What is your address?"
I told him.
"When I get back to you, can you promise me that you will freak out?"
"I think I can do that!"

I was jumping up and down in the kitchen on the phone while Nick was eating his breakfast. I am sure he thought I was completely crazy.

They got back with me on the phone and I was now on the air.
"Hi! Who's this?"
Then they told me I had won the trip. I screamed.
"Where are you right now?"
"In my kitchen."
"Who are you going to be taking with you to go see Taylor Swift?"
"Probably my husband."
"Well, take this opportunity to go and get something fun for you in LA!"
"Thanks, I think I will!"

YAY! I have never won anything this fun before and I never have won anything off the radio. I am so excited! Justin didn't believe me for a really long time, but now he is really excited to go to LA, I don't think he is psyched to see Taylor Swift, but it will be a fun getaway for sure!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday night on the way home from Costco, on of Luke and my conversations went like this:

"Mom, you are at 50 on that thing."
Me: "What thing? The speedometer?"
Luke: "That thing in the middle."
Me: "This one?" (pointing at the speedometer)
Luke: "Yeah."
Me: "Now I am at 60. This tells you how fast the car is going."
Luke: "Oh. It goes to 120? Have you ever had it at 120?"
Me: "No, I usually go between 70-80."
Luke: "Well, Dad had it at 120 once and a policeman pulled him over."
Me: "What? Really?"
Luke: "Yeah, he got a ticket and everything."

And then, he sat there.

I racked my brain trying to remember a notice from the police department telling me about this said ticket or any admittance from said husband about this alleged crime. Nothing.

Then Luke said: "Mom, I am just kidding." And then grinned.

Heaven help me when he is in high school.

Monday, February 8, 2010


This past weekend my sister Erika and I took a little jaunt to New Hampshire to visit my sister Andrea and her cute family.

I say this as if I am a jet setter and love to fly and that this was no big deal. It kindof was a big deal. Have you seen Meg Ryan in "French Kiss"? I am pretty much just like her in the airplane but my hair is longer and I am not quite as petite. When I was planning this a couple months ago and told my friend that I may make Justin buy a ticket to fly out with me and then another ticket to pick me up. My friend told me that they may not be able to be my friend anymore if I did that because it was utterly ridiculous. So I asked my adventurous sister if she would accompany me with the caveat that I am a complete freak when I am flying. Amazingly, she agreed.

I have never been east of Wisconsin. I had a couple opportunities to go over the years and because of multiple factors, mostly because of finances and my intense fear of stepping into a bus that is bouncing around in the air with the slim chance that I would be alive when it plummetts to the ground and the only tips they give you in the manual is to brace your head between your knees and hold onto the seat in front of is truly amazing that I got on the flight at all on Thursday.

I am so very happy that I went. Yes, I was anxious the entire time in the air but once I touched down on good old terra firma, I was glad that I decided to go.

First of all, I got to see my adorable neices Olive and Caroline(she is demonstrating her pirate face):

Got to go to Maine. I never in my entire life thought I would go to Maine. It was exquisite. We saw an adorable lighthouse and ate at the most delightful restaurant that I highly recommend if you are ever in the area. All the food was amazing-I ordered a crab and avacado melt (I know there is some drooling going on) and for desert we shared a blueberry crumble. I also saw the Atlantic Ocean which was super exciting for me. I now want to take a trip with Justin along the coast of Maine and see all of the lighthouses. Did you know that the coastline of Maine is longer than the coastline of California and that their main exports are blueberries and toothpicks?

Got to go to Boston. I loved Boston, too. I love the feeling of the rich history oozing out of every corner. We weren't there very long but we saw some fun things and beautiful architecture. We only got lost once and thanks to a good friend via phone from Utah and some great navigational skills by Erika, we got to our destination. Harvard. Holy cow, it was beautiful. One of the things that I was first amazed by was this little cemetary on the corner that everyone was walking by and didn't give it a second glance, probably because they have seen it a million times before. We weren't able to stop and see it, but I wonder how old it was and who is buried there. Anywho, here are some photos from Harvard:

We saw MIT, a quaint little street when we were lost one time, Cheers, and Fenway Park:

I also loved hanging out and catching up with my sister and her hubby, seeing the beautiful granite along the highway with the ice that was on the side that looked like little waterfalls, no billboards along the highways of New Hampshire but just trees, hearing Caroline's little comments (two of my favorites were when she woke up from a nap and when we asked her what she dreampt about she replied: "Butterflies and flowers" and when Erika slammed on the brakes she exclaimed "Bouncy! Bouncy!"), cuddling and quieting my new neice, dancing, reading stories, and playing stickers and tea party with Caroline, watching favorite movies, and being there for Olive's blessing.

I also loved learning how to play Gin Rummy on the plane to help pass the time and for Erika's support and dry humor as I was freaking out. She is the type of person you want with you if you are a freak like me or if you want to be on Amazing Race. Justin was also amazing with the boys while I was gone and was very supportive of me going. He even got projects done around the house which was so nice to come home to! Thank you Andrea and Adam for your hospitality and I can't wait to come again! I love you!