Saturday, June 9, 2012

*the box*

We were packing our place up to get ready to move and Liam became obsessed with the large, brown boxes I brought home to store our things in. He would ask me daily for a box of his own and I would frequently catch him trying to sneak one of the packing boxes to play with.

I kept telling him that I would get him one from work but always came home empty handed because while our supplies were being unloaded, I was busy or would just plain forget about saving him a box.

One day, I walked into the break room and our unit had bought a new microwave. And the box was still in the breakroom. I snagged it and took it home. Immediately, a strong bond was formed and it was like Liam had found a new best friend.

It is a car. A boat. A clubhouse. A spy headquarters. A place for his various stuffed items. A place just. for. him.
He will carry this thing everywhere and just sit in it. Sometimes he even wants me to shut him up inside and put a blanket on top of it while he plays with his Leappad. I am met with strong protests when I get nervous that he is suffocating and remove the blanket and inquire if he is doing okay.

He had to fill out a questionaire as the last days of Kindergarten were approaching. When asked to list his favorite toy, he said it was his box.

It is decorated just the way he likes it. A little pencil here. A little marker there. And of course, stickers.

He wants a box just a little bit smaller now that will fit inside.

I am not quite sure what he will do with it, but I am sure it will be just as well loved as this one.

Monday, June 4, 2012

*march madness*

Like how it is almost the end of May and I am finally getting to blogging about the end of March?

Liam and I traveled down to St. George to watch this handsome boy play some baseball.

The Scrappers went 2-2 losing both of their games on Thursday and winning both on Friday. Nick had a great tournament. He pitched awesome: he walked one person, due to two errors by the catcher two players were able to get on base but never scored because he struck all of the other batters out. It was amazing. He also did pretty well at the plate with 3 singles, a triple, 2 walks, and one strikeout. I was so proud of him!

Liam and another little boy on our team family hit it off and were attached at the hip for much of the tournament. It was very nice for me not to constantly have to entertain my darling boy and that he was able to have some fun while my attention was diverted elsewhere.

Their main activity was digging in the dirt.

They attracted quite a crowd.

Apparently digging with a stick was not enough once they found that they could transport water over to the site and make mud. Since all these little boys did not know each other's names, they would call each other "dude" at the water fountain as they were waiting to fill up their various containers with water. It made me chuckle a little bit because I am sure they felt so grown up doing it.

It was a fun weekend and nice to see some good baseball played.

I don't know...maybe he has a future in ballet if baseball doesn't pan out?

It is nice to have a good friend to help stretch out your shoulders between innings. These two are like peas in a pod. We call Chance our adopted son. It feels good to see you again.