Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have a 13 year old.

It is a little crazy to wrap my head around this fact.

I remember thinking that my parents looked so mature and put together when I was 13 and I don't feel anywhere near as mature or put together as they seemed.

He welcomed his birthday in grand fashion at football practice. I guess the tradition for the team is to have the birthday boy crawl under everyone's legs and receive a birthday spanking.

I think it is weird but whatever. Those football players. Any excuse to smack a butt.

Then he came home to his birthday dinner and presents. He also thought he needed to parade around without his shirt on so I tried to post pictures that didn't show him so exposed.

Sheesh. Teenagers.

He also requested a carrot cake for his decadent dessert. I made one--from scratch--and despite its unfortunate looking appearance, it tasted, if I do say so myself, amazing.

Click here is the recipe.

He is almost as tall as I am and he has passed up my mom and my mother in law. He has bigger feet than I do. He is determined and serious and helpful and annoying and does show his fun side every once in a while. He is a tad OCD. He is kind to others and is nice to his brothers when he wants to be.

A typical teenager.

I love him with all my heart.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My darling Andrew turned 11 and on that very day he was wondering if he could watch an unscreened PG-13 movie because he "was a preteen you know."

He didn't get to watch the movie despite his new found maturity.

He did get some gifts that made him pretty darn happy though.

How I love this little boy.

He is thoughtful and sensitive and absentminded and moody and goofy. He is very black and white. There are times when I wonder how much emotion can fit inside his body without it oozing out his pores.

Here is to many happy years to come.

Monday, November 21, 2011

*playoffs vs bingham x 2*

The Saturday of the playoffs was of course the only Saturday we had terrible weather. I think Mother Nature likes to test us every so often and see who the die hard fans are.

I am happy to say that we passed her test.

Although there was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, once the sun came out it really wasn't too cold.

We came prepared though. I think these boys had 4 or 5 layers on, blankets, hot cocoa, and a space heater. They were pretty darn comfy. I threatened them before the game however that if one complaint left their lips it would not be recognized because everyone was going to be suffering.

I need to threaten that more often. I did not hear one peep from any of them.

When did Nick's legs get so long and lanky?

Bringing down a couple guys. Here...

... and here.

I don't want to wish snow at every game but it did keep the boys entertained the entire time building little snowmen and forts. And warm. The layers started peeling off as the game went on.

Another tackle...

If you squint really, really hard you can see that Nick trying to catch a pass (right in front of #41) and a Bingham guy is jumping in front of him. This would have scored a TD in regular play but a pass interference was called putting the game into overtime.

Herriman scored a TD on the third down in OT and although Nick missed this catch for the extra point, I think it is a pretty cool picture.

Bingham tried to score on their 4 downs but I am proud to say that Nick stuffed his guy causing a fumble and one of our players landed on the ball. Herriman won 6-0.

What a sweet redemption. Bingham was one of the two teams we lost to this season. The other team we lost to, Alta, lost to Stansbury so we will be playing Stansbury for the CHAMPIONSHIP!

Andrew was able to have every boys' dream come true and play in a big mud puddle for his football game. He also played Bingham--the very team they lost to the week before.

Andrew was an animal looking for the kill. He played so hard and had some awesome highlights.

Like this sequence of pictures. He is on the far right...

...coming closer...

...got him...

...and brought him down.

Another great play...

This picture makes me so happy! They won the game in overtime 12-6 (I know, two overtime games in one day. I was exhausted!) and they were jumping all over the place.

On to the CHAMPIONSHIP against Alta!

The fact that they won makes it a little easier for me to TACKLE the challenge of getting this dirt out of his uniform.

That pun was totally intended. You're welcome.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

*fright night weekend*

Football games.

N vs Copper Hills (missed this one but very dramatic with two players and two coaches from Copper Hilss being ejected and a mom and a brother of one of said players taken off the field in handcuffs)

A vs Bingham (a loss but they meet again in the playoffs!)

Pumpkin patch.

Trunk or treat.

School parade.

Carving pumpkins.

Spooky dinner. Blood soup with eyeballs. Witches broomsticks. Apple cider.

Trick or treating.

And the only picture I got of Luke in his full costume.

Happy Halloween!