Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1. LUKE! I don't know what my life would be like without my Lukey. I should have known he would have been a bit stubborn since he couldn't come when I wanted to in May and decided to come on the last day of April instead. Typical! He really is such a wonderful boy with a humungous personality that makes you want to hug his guts out. Happy birthday sweetheart--I love you!
2. my planner
3. fun lunches with friends!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1. I had a fabulous, kick back birthday!
2. My kids are gone for the day--it is amazing how quiet it is!
3. that my keys are not at the ballpark, Liam just put them in his purse.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random comments by the boys

1. We went to the tulip festival on Friday, April 25 with my two sister in laws and my cute neices and nephews. There were some bagpipes playing in the distance. Luke said: "Everybody stop and listen to the baghorns!"

2. Inside the gardens, there is a "secret garden" with a fountain. I gave the kids a coin to throw in and I asked Luke what he wished for. He is really into the movie Cars and loves the diecast cars you can buy that look like the characters. He told me he wished for "all the cars that have eyeballs."

3. Liam: "Knock, knock"
Anyone: "Who's there?"
Liam: "Mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy!"(Getting progressively louder with each word)

Anyone: "Knock, knock"
Liam: "Who's der?"
Anyone: "Boo."
Liam: "Boo--oo?" (Say with an influx of the voice on the last syllable)
Anyone: "You don't need to cry about it!"
He will laugh FOREVER after both jokes.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

1. Snickers and banana shakes
2. Luke's party got rave reviews from all the kids
3. cupcakes--they are the perfect serving size and they taste so good!

Seven things about me

I was here you go!

1. I am totally insecure. I have serious problems with feeling comfortable around people. I think this started in fourth grade when I was wearing a polo shirt (style of shirt) and when I mentioned this to my friend, she said: "Oh, no. That is not a polo shirt. It doesn't have the horse." I have intense fears that I am going to say something stupid to someone and it gives me anxiety to have conversations because I want people to like me. I can't believe that anyone would want to be my friend . I just want to be outgoing and cute and witty and charming, and unfortunately, I am quiet.

2. Before I got married, all of the car accidents I was in were my fault. I don't think I was necessarily a bad driver, but I was not very observant and would frequently daydream while driving. I think my most favorite accident was when I forgot to put the car in park after pulling into my driveway and the car rolled across the street and hit our neighbor's parked car. Nice.

3. I never intended to be a nurse. Growing up I don't think being a nurse ever crossed my mind. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was in high school and was seriously debating going to Puget Sound for their program. I later decided to go into music--piano performance--in college, but dropped out of my music classes after two days. I eventually found anatomy and LOVED it, and I remember telling one of my fellow TA's who was going to be a nurse that I would never be a nurse because it wasn't exciting enough. (I still see him around the hospital...thank goodness he doesn't remember me!). I also have eaten my words many times at work! I was then the class nurse in Israel and although I didn't do much, I really liked it and applied for the program a few months after I came home.

4. I once had a warrant out for my arrest. It wasn't for drug possession or anything, just an unpaid speeding ticket. I luckily was at my friend's house for recipe club when the officer came to my house so they didn't take me in. Apparently, Nicholas was freaking out saying "Don't take my mom!" I feel bad that he was so traumatized! I had to go to court and plead guilty...I think it is one of my top 5 most embarassing moments in my life.

5. I am deathly afraid of heights. It has gotten worse as I have gotten older, but now I even get super nervous going on a silly ferris wheel.

6. Whenever I go somewhere new for dinner, I order grilled cheese.Or chicken enchiladas or the turkey sandwich depending on the type of restaurant. I just don't want to waste my money on something that is disgusting. I will also sample from at least my husband's plate and decide for the next time if I will order something different.

7. I laugh when people get hurt. Not like if they are bleeding from their eyeballs or something, but if they are okay (but still could be hurt), I laugh because it is my defense mechanism against stress. My husband HATES it, but I have done it as long as I can remember.

I tag: Mistie, Andrea, Laura...I think everyone else has been tagged already!

Friday, April 25, 2008

1. that my gas cap was the cause of the "check engine" light(Thanks for the tip, Josh!)
2. smores
3. that my mom is incredible and made Nicholas an awesome Civil War general costume for his wax museum at school today--THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A great 5 years!

On Sunday, April 13, my mom retired from the Tabernacle Choir after 5 years of service. I stole these pics from my sister's blog, thanks Andrea! My mom is an amazing woman and I am so proud of her that she was able to accomplish this goal of hers to be in the choir. She was a very dedicated member and it always made conference a little more enjoyable for my kids because we got to search for grandma! We threw a surprise party for her after and I am proud to say that she was actually surprised which is a hard thing to do. It was really fun and I think a good way to tell my mom how great she is and help her not be so sad that she was leaving! I love you, mom!
1. cowboy boots--allright,I just love cowboys!
2. crystal light
3. polka dots

I think I am falling apart

Yeah, yeah, I know I am getting OLD (and next week even older!!) but I have thought up until now that I am holding up pretty well. According to my kids, I have a couple things to work on.

The other day I was driving Luke somewhere and he touched my arm and asked me why my arms were so jiggly. Guess I need to hit the gym and not eat so many grilled cheese sandwiches in the middle of the night.

And last night I was holding Liam as he was standing on my lap. He had his face next to mine and I was talking to him. All of a sudden he announced: "breath, stinks." Hmmmm....does anyone have a mint?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1. lotion
2. dragons...especially the old world Chinese variety
3. jellyfish-the way they move is mesmorizing, I could watch them for hours!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

1. tanning beds--I know, they are not good for you, but they are good for my soul!
2. anything Hawaiian or surf themed, it just makes me happy
3. that Nicholas' (my) school project is done!

Friday, April 18, 2008

1. Costco
2. reading bedtime stories with my kids
3. a COLD glass of milk-topped off with a cookie is especially nice!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

1. Strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar-yum!
2. hot showers
3. ice cream sandwiches

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our little announcer

Now that Liam is beginning to say more words, he loves to announce (over and over) when something has happened. This can be helpful, especially when Luke has done something, but this can often result in embarrassment for me since I am usually the one involved when he is announcing something. For example:

We were shopping at Smith's and I had picked up a jar of jelly. Luke was also handing me another kind of jelly that he wanted when I wasn't looking. Trying to juggle two awkward jars, I fumbled and dropped one. Needless to say, there was jelly and broken glass in a heap on the floor. I looked around to find a worker to tell them the news and to see if they would like help cleaning it up. There was not one around and Liam kept saying: "Mommy, break, jelly!" as I was walking around the store. He also does not know the concept of "inside voice" so it was quite fun searching for a worker when your toddler is yelling your faults to the world. Later that same shopping trip, I had let a toot slip out and although it had no sound attached to it, it did have a smell...anyway, Liam tactfully bellowed: "Mommy, tooted!" over and over. It probably would have been more subtle to have had the overhead pager declare: "Female tooted on aisle 5" with all of the publicity Liam was giving me. At least we know he could always have a career in the grocery business and he may not even need a microphone!
1. planning birthday parties, or any parties for that manner!
2. that I finally found the stinky smell in my house and got rid of it (but I will never disclose what it is TOO disgusting and a little embarassing!)
3. that I don't have to get rid of the free matress we received for Liam because it was not the stinky smell :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Okay, he can be cute

I was dropping Luke off at school and as he was getting out of the car we did our standard 'hug, kiss, love you' routine. He started walking toward the door of his school and was about halfway there and he turned around and ran to the car with an almost panicked look on his face. I rolled down the window and he waves to me and states: "I'll have a great day today, okay, mom!" I told him that is exactly what I wanted and then he blew me kisses all the way while he walked back to school.

Monday, April 14, 2008

1. My sister Erika! Happy birthday! She is such a good example to me of how to have fun and being a genuinely nice person. She is also super smart which inspires me to study more but I don't think I will ever compare to her brainpower. I love you!
2. Oh my gosh--above 60 degree weather? I LOVE it!
3. flip flops

Friday, April 11, 2008

One of those mornings.

Me: Lukey, I need you to get out of the tub and get dressed please. We need to take Liam to his class in a few minutes.
Luke: Okay.

A couple minutes later:
Me: Luke, hon, please get out of the tub. We seriously need to leave soon so Liam isn't late.
Luke: Okay, mom.

(I then walk to the laundry room to get his clothes and put them on the couch in an obvious place to help him get the hint.)

A minute later:
Me: LUUUUUUKEEEEYYYYY, where are you?
Luke: Over here on the couch.
Me: Are you dre---SERIOUSLY Luke, I put your clothes right by you...why aren't you dressed yet? We are going to be late taking Liam, we are leaving in TEN SECONDS.
Luke: Okay, okay, I'm getting dressed right now, geez.

A little later:
Me: Okay, Luke, I am starting to get really angry. What part of "get dressed" do you not understand?
Luke: All right...

A second later:
Me: Okay, Luke, I'm leaving! Are you ready to go?
Luke (still not dressed): MMOOOMMM, I can't go when I'm naked!

A little behind

I have not been ungrateful this last week, in fact, I am grateful I am still alive and not frozen to death on bleachers. I am grateful my old car is still alive and kicking and is up to the challenge of running kids all over the state for baseball games and practices. I am grateful for family who helps watch the kids at night so I don't have to have them freeze their tooshies off while they are watching a game in 30 degree weather. I am grateful that after said game all my toes are still intact and not infested with frostbite. I am grateful that Justin saved my @** from sitting through another 2 hours of that weather by coming to the second game of the double header and that Nicholas (at least as of this morning) does not have pneumonia. I am SO grateful that Justin is almost done with this semester and that I can have him to myself during the least until the next semester starts. I am grateful my body is used to running on less than 4 hours of sleep a night or else I would be dead. At least then it could be used for research and study the exact ratio of diet coke and chocolate necessary to keep one alive--I think I have perfected it. I am grateful that my boys are patient with me and are okay with the fact that I am not a perfect mother and will most likely never win the mother of the year award. I think they are grateful that I actually remember to feed them on a somewhat regular basis. I am grateful that today is self proclaimed cynical day. I am especially grateful for family and friends who let me vent and still love me no matter what.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lock up all your trees!

Another conversation with Luke:

Luke:"Mom,where does wood come from?"
Me: "Trees."
Luke: "How do you break trees?"
Me: "Usually you need a chainsaw or an ax to chop them down. It is hard work."
Luke: "Do we have a saw in our garage?"

I then clued into what he might be wanting to do.

Me: "What tree are you planning on cutting down? You need to work in a forest in order to cut down trees so you know which tree is the right one."
Luke: "Darn it."
1.I am even more grateful after my delivery on Saturday night that my religion is one that is uplifting and peaceful and has nothing to do with clowns or hatchets
2. I am grateful for our wonderful new prophet, President Monson
3. Elder Ballard's talk on mothers

Thursday, April 3, 2008

1. pedicure
2. catalogs--I could look at them for hours
3. that Andrew's teacher is so wonderful

Wow, I never knew!

I went to my friend's blog and took an ice cream quiz...apparently I am mint chocolate chip. Ahhh, one of my favorites. I knew I liked it for some reason!

perhaps it was a bit over his head

Warning: this may contain offensive language to some, to people who have brothers, husbands, or boys, feel free to read on...

Luke and I were driving home from the store yesterday and our conversation went like this...

Me: "Luke, you are so cute I just want to pinch your cheeks."
Luke: "Mom, I just want to punch you in the weiner."
Me: "I don't have a weiner, and we don't talk that way."
Luke: "Yes, you do!"
Me: "Girls don't have weiners. Only boys. That is what makes a boy a boy. Boys are full of testosterone."
Luke: "What's testosterstone?"
Me: "It is a hormone that makes boys boys. Girls have a hormone called estrogen."
Luke: (Pause). "Okay mom, what the heck is estrogen?"

I don't know why I even brought up hormones, but sometimes you just say things to fill space and go off on tangents...this unfortunately was one of those times.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

I know you were all going through withdrawls because you haven't seen pics for a while...who knew you could get a CD from film? Learn something new everyday, I guess. They are pictures of mostly St. Patrick's Day and Easter. I just love my boys!

1. I am posting pictures!
2. rainbows
3. I am done with my evals!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ode to the office!

This is seriously one of the best shows on TV...if you don't watch it yet, you better get on it and as Dwight would say, you are "shunned."
1. Spreading good news! We apparently are going for a basketball will most likely be another boy!
2. sitting on the toilet after one of my boys has used it with the seat down...very refreshing!
3. the McDonalds fish sandwich--nothing is better at curing those pregnancy cravings!

Okay...I hope you realize it is APRIL FOOLS! Here is what I am REALLY grateful for:
1. that my IUD is in full working order
2. antibacterial wipes for the little surprises on the toilet
3. that there are other fast food restaurants other than McDonalds and food to eat other than fish!