Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let the festivities begin!

OOOOH! I am literally jumping for joy. JUBILANT! I love, love, love, love, love, love Christmas time. Let me say it again-I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME! I had a rare night off last night and we seized the opportunity and went to dinner and the lights at Temple Square. Of course, they were beautiful. I love the pink and white lights the best(which are NOT down Lover's Lane anymore since last year...very disappointing...). The boys loved all the lights and they always love the nativity program. We had a front row seat and stayed for 2 sessions because I loved hearing President Hinckley's voice at the end. We ended the night with the greatest invention-the cocoa motion with the candy cane hot cocoa by Stephens. Ahhhhh, perfect.

1.that my time of working 2 full time jobs will be over on Tuesday and then my life will be less hectic and I will be home more!
2.our toilets flush now after having the plumber come today--YAY!!
3.that Liam's nose is not broken after falling off of Luke and Andrew's bunkbed onto Luke's head

My picnic with Liam

This was actually last Tuesday-the wonderful day when I didn't have to go into work until 3:00. Liam went to preschool in the morning--look at his super cute hat!

I went grocery shopping while he was in preschool and picked up some Lunchables. I was just going to get some for the older boys for their lunch the next day, but I remembered how much I also enjoy a box of cheese and crackers and so I purchased some for myself and Liam. I am so glad I did!

I asked Liam if he wanted to have a picnic on the floor. He actually squealed he was so excited. Here is one of his sandwiches he made...

...and here is one of the many silly faces we made.

We also watched a bit of Charlie and Lola.

I love that such a simple thing like a Lunchable (I have also noticed this same phenomenon with a Happy Meal/Kids Meal) can make such an ordinary thing like eating lunch so fun or cheer up a gloomy day.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I really have a fabulous life.

Our family had a blast at Aunt Heidi's house for dinner. I was unsure about going at first, not because of the company or anything, but because this is the first Thanksgiving in FOREVER that I have not had the traditional dinner with my family. Call me snotty, but I was worried that I wouldn't like the food. Hey, I am a girl who likes to eat.

She did not disappoint. There were courses...yes, courses, of food. All was delicious. Different from my mom's, yes, but nonetheless delicious. I guess I just need to grow up and expand my palate.

We also listened to Christmas music in the car on the way there. I also think that this needs to be done in moderation and it gives me anxiety when I hear it in the store while I am shopping. Although I am almost done with my shopping, when I hear the music playing, my mind goes wild and I worry that I am not getting enough or that I need to fill my cart with useless gadgets. I am one of those suckers that is targeted by that kind of marketing. Luckily, I have been strong and not given in--well, not too much. In the car though, it is fun to hear my boys sing along with the songs and remember what Christmas is all about.

I am grateful for good friends that stand by me. I have a sensitive personality and frequently do stupid things. I am always worried that I am going to do or say something to offend someone. I have fantastic friends who love me for who I am. I am also grateful that I can call my husband my best friend. He is a safe haven for me and I appreciate that he also loves me for my idiosyncrasies.

Speaking of idiosyncrasies, I am grateful that when I am with my family, I don't seem so crazy. I thought that I was the only one who did certain things or worried constantly about everything....oh,no. I will not go into details to spare the cute girls and women of my family embarrassment, but I am thankful that I don't need to go on heavy psych meds...maybe just mild ones.

My boys looked super handsome tonight and I just love them dearly. I could go on for hours about how much they have blessed my life, but I will spare you. I cannot imagine my life without them.

I love water. Recently I have been having at least 20 oz a day and THAT is 20 oz more than I was having a month ago. I hope my kidneys love it too and will not poop out on me early. I guess that would be my bowels that would poop out on me and I hope that doesn't happen either.

I am grateful I have a steady job that has TONS of job security. There will never be a lack of pregnant women in Utah. I am grateful Justin only has a couple weeks of school left and his job is holding strong despite this economy.

I know this is a random post, but my life is a bit random right now. Random, but good.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1.I only have to work 8 hours today and it is amazing that an extra 4 hours can be so productive!
2.that it is almost legal to listen to Christmas music
3.and that there is an addendum to #2: that there are multiple stations playing Christmas music so I can change the station when that darn "Christmas Shoes" song is being played...and played...and played.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

1.THE UTES BEAT BYU!! What an amazing game and season!
2.that I will have the day off today/tonight-the first in a week! nienie tshirt came!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spoken like a true Ute fan

Yesterday, the boys were getting ready to go to school. They started walking out the door in just a long sleeved t shirt and it was a bit cold outside. I told them they needed to wear a jacket. They all grabbed one and the one Luke grabbed was one of Nicholas' and it was too big. I told him that he had to wear a different one and I went upstairs to his closet to grab it.

Upon bringing it downstairs, Luke had a disappointed look on his face and he said:"Mom, I can't wear that one. I hate it!" I looked at the jacket looking for a defect and tried to remember a time when he wore it and it bothered him. When I couldn't think of anything, I asked him why he didn't like this particular jacket. He retorted:"Mom, it's blue. Now all of my friends will think I am going for stupid BYU!"


1. I am grateful the Utes have had an awesome season!
2. my new detergent I just bought-Tide with Downy. It smells delicious.
3. white noise

Friday, November 21, 2008

1.I went to see Twilight today. Although I don't give it rave reviews, I liked it and thought it was entertaining. However, it was WAY fun having such a positive female energy in the theater and I think THAT made the experience that much better. It was also fun to have a girls day out with my mother in law and sister in laws...thank you for the tickets Sylvia!
2.that I am at the end of the week I have been dreading for a while...just one more crazy week to go!
3.that 3 of my favorite doctors are on tonight and it has been fabuloso.
1.breakfast foods. I could eat them ANY time of day. In fact, I can't go a day without it and when I get home from working a night shift and sleep all day, when I wake up, I eat breakfast. It just seems like the right thing to do. In the middle of the night and we are having a party at work, my favorites are the breakfast parties. It makes me crazy because Justin is not a huge fan of breakfast and he even eats DINNER in the morning which makes me gag because that is NOT an acceptable smell to wake up your stomach and he won't budge so luckily half the time he doesn't eat breakfast. I know that was a lot of information, but really, I love breakfast.
2.that I had two super cute patients tonight and both of them were multips.
3.calling someone in the middle of the night and they were awake to help me look at dresses

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1.tucking my boys in at night
2.that Andrew and Luke sleep together in the same bed-it looks totally uncomfortable but it is an every night occurrance
3.the smell of oranges

Monday, November 17, 2008

1.that my pictures came back and I LOVE them!
2.that my earache is feeling better and it wasn't a ruptured eardrum...just excess pressure from my head cold I have had forever
3.that our ward is changing to the 1:00 time instead of the 11:00 time...I will be able to sleep after I come home from work!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday parties...a lot of 'em

This past week (as all other years during this week) was crazy, but super fun. Here is a rundown of the itinerary:
-It all started with Justin's birthday on the third, we went to dinner for him the next night at Tepanyaki.
-We celebrated Andrew and Nicholas' birthdays on Saturday the 8th by going to Madagascar 2 and to Red Robin. (By the way, if you like dessert, they have an awesome one they bring out as the birthday treat!). We had their family party on the 9th.
-Last night we had Andrew's friend party. It was a movie party-we watched "The Clone Wars" and it was a big hit. Really anything that involves star wars and lightsabers at this age is a go. We loaded them up on pizza and candy--I feel really bad for their parents and hope the kids aren't too sick today! I found some cute tall plastic popcorn containers in the dollar section at Target that we gave as party favors with some microwave popcorn in it--I also bought some extras for me.
-Today we had a tailgate party for Nick and this also was a success. Justin set up a fun football training obstacle course-they threw a football through a tire, ran through the squares of rope, pushups, situps, a running drill, and then they had to run the football through a line of kids trying to hit the ball out of their hands. We had a barbeque and then after cake and ice cream they played flag football. Oh, and lucky for Nicholas, he was born smack dab in the middle of football season so they watched a little football while they were eating. WAAAY too much testosteone for me, but I do have to admit I am getting better at talking football.

I am so glad they had fun and loved their parties, but I am also glad to be done! Now...just on to planning Andrew's baptism...

Here are some pictures of all the events...minus Justin's dinner, stupid me, I didn't bring my camera!

Football frenzy:

I think he still looks like a little boy in this picture :)

The first "obstacle"

Andrew's red carpet event:

Family party:
This is one of the two birthday boys and my cute grandma, Gigi

Singing "Happy Birthday!"

Red Robin:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

1. I recently read a post about a mom asking what makes you want to slather your babies in barbeque sauce (or whatever sauce you like) and nibble their body parts. I have wondered this as well and have been known to nibble them even without the sauce! I sometimes also want to squeeze my children as hard as I love them but I am afraid I would either break some ribs or pop their eyeballs out which would subsequently land me in jail for child abuse. I would tell them I was just loving my children but I don't think that would really hold up in court. So, I am grateful there is a voice inside us that tells us it is wrong to eat our children or have them walk around with empty eyeball sockets.
2. Liam's uncanny sense of hearing and the way he cups his hand around his ear while he is trying to figure out what a particular sound is
3. snuggling in a cozy bed on a cold morning

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1. that Justin has the day off today :)
2. that helping Luke with his math homework will be much easier now that I have discovered he is a visual learner.
3. holding Liam's hand while we are driving

Sunday, November 9, 2008

1. Happy birthday Nicholas! I am really freaking out that I now have a child in the double digit category-but I am glad that you are such an outstanding boy. Here are 10 of the millions of reasons we love you!

-you are wise beyond your years. You have such a good head on your shoulders and many times have given me advice or put me in my place. For example, just last week Liam was jumping off the couch (over Luke) and Luke put his feet up just in time for them to collide and Liam bumped his knee after he fell. I told Luke not to put his feet up anymore and you retorted with: "Maybe Liam shouldn't be jumping off the couch." Touche.

-you are inclusive. You are friends with everyone. And I mean everyone. You don't want people's feelings to be hurt. At parent teacher conference this year I was most impressed when the teacher told me you had befriended a boy that didn't have many friends and included him at recess.

-you are a leader. You make good decisions and listen to other's ideas. You were just nominated to be a Bully Buster at your school because of your influence on others. Keep it up and just remember to choose the right!

-you are a snuggler. I love that my big ten year old still wants to snuggle with his old mom.

-you are responsible. I loved how when you were off track you could watch Liam for a couple hours so I could get some sleep after work. You make sure your homework is done and turned in on time, you practice your violin regularly, and you make sure we are on time for things.

-you like to cook. I love having a helper in the kitchen and I am hoping that you will cultivate this skill and be a help to your wife one day!

-you are goofy. You love to make faces and talk in silly voices. Without fail, you and your brothers will do something daily to make us laugh.

-you are kind. You will give away some of what you have to others who don't have any usually without prompting. Whenever I am sitting by you, you are scratching my back or rubbing my feet just because you know that it makes me happy. You try to get others to smile when they are having a bad day.

-you are respectful. You will willingly get up and offer your chair to Gigi when she is coming to sit down. You will help her walk and talk to her in a respectful way. Gigi remembers when we lived with her and she would watch you when I went to school and hold you all day long. I know she treasures that memory and I am glad that you two have such a special bond.

-you are athletic. It has been so fun to see you try out different sports: soccer, swimming, flag football, and baseball. It has been especially fun to watch you get better at baseball throughout the years and cheer you on. I know that dad is VERY excited for the day that you put on a football uniform and we know that you will do well in that, too!

We hope you have a great birthday--we love you so much!

2. Costco birthday cakes
3. today's relief society lesson. It included letters that the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote to Emma while he was away and they were a great example of the adoration we should be showing our loved ones.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

1. Happy birthday Andrew! I can't believe you are 8! Time goes by so quickly and you are such a wonderful little boy. Here are 8 of the multiple reasons why we love you!

-you are thoughtful. You are the one who always thinks of others. Whenever we are getting a treat and you are the only one with me, you will remind me that we need to get a treat for all of your brothers.

-you are sensitive. You have such a great, big heart. Not only do you hate it when you get in trouble, but you cry when others are in trouble as well. You want things to be right and happy all the time.

-you are a good friend. Even all of your teachers throughout the years have commented on what a good friend you are. You are one who includes everyone.

-you are funny. You have a knack for imitating and impersonating voices and people and are always making us laugh.

-you are predictable and like simple things. You prefer vanilla ice cream, plain Hersheys chocolate bars, and pasta with nothing on it. We finally got you to branch out when we would order shakes from plain vanilla to plain chocolate just recently.

-you have a vivid imagination. Star wars is your favorite thing to play and everytime you have a lightsaber in your hand we love to watch you fight the bad guy in your head.

-you show your true colors. We never have to ask ourselves if you are happy, sad, angry, etc. Your face shows the corresponding emotion.

-you are smart. One day you came home and told me that you "were like, the smartest kid in your class." I am glad that you have such confidence and are doing so well in school!

We love you tons Drewbie--hope your day is an incredible one!

2. the smell of fire--like in a fireplace or a firepit...not like a burning house or anything.

3. quiet, lazy Saturday mornings

Thursday, November 6, 2008

1. that tonight at work is not a repeat of last least not so far
2. the Utes pulled it off again!
3. that I haven't had to cook dinner much this week because of all the birthday dinners and the football game-that works well for me!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1. Empty lot+HUGE boulder+a group of boys with lightsabers=hours of entertainment
2. Liam's face as we watched our food be cooked at Tepanyaki last night
3. listening to Luke read "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish". He has a bit of a lisp and now that his front teeth are gone it is especially cute!

Monday, November 3, 2008

1. My Justin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so proud of him with all he does and that he is almost done with school. He is a great dad and husband and I just want to let him know how much I love him!
2. playing hide and go seek with the kids in a dark house-my favorite was hiding under a blanket with Liam and I told him to be very quiet. He kept whispering: "I did!" Then he farted with Justin (the seeker)about 5 feet away from us and started laughing. Then he got out of the blanket--exposing me--and said: "You stay right there, okay?" Needless to say, I was found.
3. space heaters

Sunday, November 2, 2008

1. the colors of autumn are amazing. I was in awe this morning leaving work...there had just been a light rain and everything looked so alive on the mountains with all the vibrant color. I also love the trees that have green, yellow, orange, and red leaves all on one tree-beautiful.
2. the cute cookies Troy and Mistie brought over to us
3. that my 13 hour shift went by relatively quickly and although it got a bit crazy, it was great to have the staff on we did! AND...Michele had to come in anyway at 0200 to change the time so she was there when it all exploded and I didn't have to wait an hour for her to come in. It worked out perfectly!

BeWaRe! I don't know if your heart can handle this much cuteness.

Halloween was a success! Nicholas was Willy Wonka, Andrew was Obi Wan from the Clone Wars, Luke was, well...Luke(Skywalker), and Liam was an Oompa Loompa. Oh, Justin and I were the big bad wolf and Red Riding Hood. We went to a trunk or treat on Tuesday and collected quite a bit of candy from there and trick or treating on Friday produced a copius amount of candy since they went not only in our neighborhood but a few houses in my sister-in-law's neighborhood as well. I think we are set for a LONG, long time.

Just for the record, Nick's favorite candy is Kit Kat, Andrew's are peanut M&M's, Luke's are Snickers, Liam's fav is candy, Justin's are Reece's PB Cups, and is very hard to choose but I love Milk Duds, Sugar Babies, and Almond Joys. Oh, and Jr. Mints and plain M&M's are pretty good, too.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

1. the sunrise was AH-MAZING while driving home from work this morning
2. that I was not sexually abused when I was 13 resulting in a pregnancy
3. the last two weeks were awesome because I rarely worked so I felt like a mom. It was great because we were able to do some really fun things like parties, sleepovers at Mel and Josh's, the Barnyard Boo, and just playing around. I love the feeling of knowing that I am taking good care of my kids and they are happy.