Monday, August 20, 2007

lunch with dad!

The kids are off track until September 10 which means that we will have a three week period where we are trying to do things nonstop to keep the kids entertained. Today we went to lunch with Justin at Red Robin and the boys had a great time...they feed off each other so most of the lunch was filled with laughing and silly faces. Liam slept the entire time so that is why he is not in any of the photos!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I have been visiting other blogs and realized that you don't HAVE to have a picture posted to have people want to read about your family. I don't take pictures everyday, but everyday my kids say something funny or suprisingly intellectual so I thought I would start posting some of these occasionally, first of all to remind myself and secondly, to make people smile!

A couple days ago, we were working on Luke's homework and for that day it was "say the letters in your name." He started by saying L-U-K-E and then moved on to "S". I was going to be impressed because we don't really go over how to spell our last name and was excited that he must have learned this at school. After saying the "S" he followed it with saying "DOT". There are two Lukes in his class. I just thought it was cute that he made sure that the period was recognized.

On Saturday, I had mistakenly told the kids that we would go swimming before checking with Justin and he didn't want to go that day. We decided to go to the splash park but convincing the kids was a different story. Surprisingly, Luke was the first to agree and Andrew was going on and on about wanting to go swimming. After a few minutes of this, Luke got frustrated and stood right in front of Andrew with his hands on his hips and pronounced: "Andrew, you need to listen to your mother!" I only wish that he would follow his own counsel!

Lastly, yesterday Andrew was telling me the colors of the rainbow. He said "red, orange, yellow, green, blue, MANGO, and violet." I said: Mango? He said: Yep. Mango, you know that blue/black color. I said: I think you mean indigo. He said: Oh, yeah, indigo. Well, I told Justin to ask him what the colors of the rainbow were. He did and Andrew replied: "red, orange, yellow, green, blue, know that one color..." Justin said: what color? Andrew said: well, I think its FLAMINGO or something? Justin said: Indigo? Andrew said: Oh yeah, indigo and violet.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


A favorite activity of ours is going to Franklin Covey field for Salt Lake Bees games! The team was in a streak of 8 losses--I guess they just needed us to come so they could win! The boys always have fun--they played catch, played on the playground, rode on the train--not much game watching but oh well! Liam also had fun playing with grandpa's elastic face! :) The girls also had a five minute treat--free massages by Heavenly Hands-just what they needed!

Grandpa is such a good sport!

First days of school!

Well, another school year has begun!
Nicholas started third grade--I can't believe it.Andrew was so excited to be "in a grade"-when he woke up in the morning, he said "Say hello to the big boy!". They both started on the 25th of July at Jordan Ridge Elementary. Luke started Kindergarten on August 1. I cannot tell you how strange it is that he is this old! I guess with Nicholas I was pushing him to grow up, but now I wish all of them would slow down!
Luke liked his teacher and had a good day, so hopefully good days
will continue!