Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy (very belated) birthday Luke!

I just love this kid.

Luke turned 7 in grand style that only Indiana Jones could provide.

In January we went out to dinner at the Mayan and Luke turned to me and said with awed amazement: "This is where Indiana Jones would eat." And then he announced that this is where his family birthday party would be. And he never forgot.

Fast forward 4 months later. Luke came prepared dressed in his costume and the high expectations of a party that had been planned in his little mind in what seems like forever and probably a little of his mom's perfectionistism. (Is that even a word?) I was a little worried that although we were prepared with the decorations and the cake and everything else, something would happen that he would be disappointed or that the party would not live up to his expectations.

In the middle of the party, Luke came up to give me a big hug and said "This is the best night ever." And then the next day he told me that he couldn't stop thinking about the Mayan. Whew. Success.

A couple days later we graced Jungle Jim's with our presence and I think everyone had a great time. I had a great time after I had my diet coke and realized that my nephew had not been kidnapped.

Luke, I love you so much. I think you are delicious, delectable, and delightful. Here are 7 reasons why:

-You are determined. I will never forget the day when I was inside the house just after your 5th birthday and Nicholas knocked on the door. He told me that you had a surprise for me and there you were, riding your friend's two wheeled bike, all by yourself, without any encouragement or help from me or your dad. You also were the first of your brothers to learn how to do the monkey bars all the way across because you would try over and over and over again and not get discouraged when you would fall off.

-You roll with the punches. Really nothing bothers you. And if it does, you deal with it and move on.

-You have a soft heart underneath your tough exterior. It is no secret you are the most stubborn of all your brothers, but you have such a big heart. I was so proud of you the other day when we were at the ballpark watching Nick's game and you wanted to go over to the park. No big deal except that Liam followed you and so I was a little concerned that you would forget about him and do your own thing. I walked over to the park so I could get Liam but there you were, pushing Liam in the baby swing and talking to him so nicely. A bit later, some boys threw some wood chips at Liam and I came over because I heard him crying. I expected the worst, like an injury of some sort, but I came across you telling these boys off saying: "Stop throwing things at my little brother, he is just a little boy!" You are a great defender and I am glad that you stick up for what is right.

-You are all boy. You love to be outside. You love to ride your bike. You could ride it all day. You frequently come home covered in dirt or some sort of filth. You love anything having the words fart, poo, or any other gross bodily function attached to it. You also never let your broken arm bother you. The day you got your hard cast on the doctor told you to be careful for a couple days. You went out and rode your bike that day and when I told you that the doctor probably didn't want him to ride his bike yet, you retorted that the doctor just told you to be careful and you didn't plan on crashing that day. And the day after you got your cast off, you were back on the darn monkey bars, the same things that helped you break your arm in the first place.

-You are consistent. Once you love something, you stick to it. You loved Thomas trains for about four years. That was our barganing tool to get you to do anything. You just recently switched to loving Indiana Jones and we are now into this full force. Anytime we purchase something is blue, we just know that you will claim it because it is your favorite color of all time. It is always so easy to get you something you will like for your birthday or Christmas!

-You always find a way to get what you want. When you were 3, we decided to start potty training you. You did great during the day but would still wear pull ups at night. I was getting sick of buying them so I made you a deal. I would buy you Gordon and James (Thomas train's friends)if you would wake up with a dry pull up for a week. The next morning, bam! Dry pull up. The next two days produced the same result. I was so excited I went out and bought you the trains even though it had not been a week. I wish I would have waited because when I was cleaning out your room that day, I found 3 wet pullups under your bed. You changed your diaper in the morning before coming into my room and hid your wet ones under the bed. Very clever. You also have a devilishly adorable smile and laugh that melt my heart.

-You give amazing hugs. You are the perfect size to squeeze!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Waves of nostalgia

Early Friday morning while at work, I put on some random lotion that was in our triage area.

Visions came flooding in of Training Table, TLAWITBAL, Hires, my maroon jeep cherokee, pep club, my first kiss, Top Stop...

High school was as vivid in my mind as it was almost 20 years ago.

Then later that morning as I was leaving, I ran into an old friend from college.

Then later that afternoon I realized my shower smelled like my grandpa's did when we would visit him in Wisconsin. Little did I know all those years ago that what I was smelling was mildew.

I guess it is time to clean my shower.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day 2009

I think I just realized that I am a selfish, pouty snob. And I apologize to those who I interact with regularly that I just figured this out.

I was not anticipating a good mother's day at all. At most, maybe fair to partly cloudy. I worked Saturday night, was planning to see both Justin's mom and my mom and after sleeping during the morning and church in the afternoon, where was my time? I mean, really. I am a mom and wanted my time to be cherished and loved and oohed and aahhhed over. To say the least, I was super bugged that the day would pass as any other.

To add to this injustice, Justin and the boys (and my father in law) went to Pocatello for Nick's baseball tournament on Friday afternoon and got home late Saturday night. We rented a car since our van is super old and wouldn't tolerate the trip well and Justin needed to take the car back on Sunday morning. Since I worked on Saturday night, I told Justin I would just meet him at the airport and then we would just drive home from there. Mind you, in my brain I was begrugingly doing this because this would also mean I would not get the ceremonial breakfast in bed and be showered with kisses while eating. Oh well, I had missed my little family terribly and was glad that they were home and safe.

Upon pulling up to the little area where they were waiting, I just saw the three older boys and they started dancing and shouting and waving their arms in the air when they saw me. I got out and was engulfed in hugs. As all of this was going on, I heard a "MOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!" and saw my last little boy running with a huge smile on his face barreling toward me. Okay, this day has already exceeded my expectations.

We got home and I went to sleep. Yep, I slept through church and got up at 2:00. I was awakened with a huge bouquet of flowers and a sweet card that the boys had recorded and was showered with kisses. Got up, showered, wrapped presents, and went to my mother in laws house and had a delightful visit. My mother in law wants everyone around her to be happy and works hard to make people comfortable. She told us about their recent trip to St. George and how it reminded her of when her kids were little. She is a wonderful mom and Omi to our kids and we are forever grateful for her influence in our lives.

Then, up to my parent's house. More visiting, hanging out with Luke, Liam, and Caroline on the hammock, a delicious dinner, hugs from my grandmother, a chocolate fondue fight with my brother, my dad's famous popcorn while watching Indiana Jones, seeing my aunt and cousin whom I don't see very often, and having a great time.

My mom is incredible and I love her tons. She is a great example of motherhood and I am glad I have such a fantastic role model to follow as I am raising my boys. Although I have inherited more of her quirks than her talents of quilting, knitting, etc., she never seems to get tired of helping me with what would otherwise be simple sewing tasks and the like. I still always call her for advice and she is usually up for an adventure--whether it be with the kids or helping me paint my house or organize something. Thank you mom for being SO wonderful! I love you!

So, I guess that I really did have a fantastic day and that it was because I did what is important. Because the focus was on family and being together, I realized that this is the day I wanted to have all along.

I will leave you with a part of the book that Luke wrote about me at school. This section is called "My mom is..." (I hope he just caught me on an off day for a few of them!)

-My mom is happy.
-My mom is exsidid.
-My mom is crazy.
-My mom is cranky.
-My mom is angry.
-My mom is sleepy.
-My mom is redey for Mothors Day.
-My mom is sad.
-My mom loves me.
-My mom is butaful.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A little tidbit

Hey, remember me?

I just wanted to give you a snippet of the good things that are soon to come to the blog.

And yes, it's from Luke.

Last week, the boys and I dropped Nick off at a pregame practice and then quickly went to grab something to eat. The place of choice was Subway and Andrew asked Luke if he was going to get a $5 footlong again.

Luke responded: "No, I think I am going to just get a kids meal this time. I don't want to get a tummyache."
Me: "I know, those footlongs are pretty big!"
Luke: "Yeah. (Sighing)Mom, I wish they made a one dollar footlong."