Saturday, April 23, 2011

The other day Liam yelled "Hey, mom! I'll be in my office."

He stayed at "work" for quite a while. I need to invest in some more empty boxes.

Friday, April 15, 2011

april fools

What an absolutely fantastic day. I think the weather outsmarted Mother Nature for its April Fools joke because it was the first warm day in weeks. It was like everything came alive, myself included. The boys even had the day off of school because of parent teacher conferences the night before and so we had the whole day to enjoy and to be together. It was so great to hang out with my darlings since it was most likely the last lazy day off we would have for a long time since all of their various sporting things will be starting full force next weekend. So, we soaked this delicious day in with every fiber of our beings. The first order of business was me making good on a promise to take him to the skate park. He has wanted to go for literally 2 years (maybe more) and I am intimidated by middle school kids and so I never wanted to take him while they were there. So since he had school off and none of the middle school kids did, a Friday morning at the crack of dawn worked out perfectly. He absolutely loved it. I mean, just take a look at that face.

He rode and ran and rode and ran to his little heart's content.

Then later that afternoon after Liam got out of preschool we met my mom and my uncle Scott who was visiting from Wisconsin to hike up to Ensign Peak. It was a nice, easy introductory hike to the many I hope to do this summer. And really, the Salt Lake valley is absolutely stunning. We had a picnic at the top. We ate ham and cheese sandwiches, spicy nacho and cool ranch doritos, baby carrots, cookies, and water.

We went to Arctic Circle for a treat afterwards. My uncle entertained my boys and who knew the words "rich, creamy, and delicious" could be so funny? They are still talking about it.

We had our yearly April Fool's day dinner of turkey meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting, beans with cut up starburst for carrots and lime runts for peas (this was new this year and it was fun to see the boys bite into them and exclaim: "Is this CANDY?"), and water with food coloring in it. I think next year I am going to use my friend's idea of putting a straw in a cup filled with jello and watch them try to suck it up. I can't wait.

Then to top off this day Nick bat 1000% during his baseball game.

I think April Fools was the one that was fooled. Sucker.