Thursday, July 28, 2011

last days

Surrounding the last days of school before summer was a whirlwind of activity. There were so many things to do between the three elementary boys that I was at their school almost everyday for 2 weeks. It was super fun and this year for some reason went by really fast for me.

We were blessed with amazing teachers. All different but all perfect for the individual boy. Nick's was fun and outgoing but firm and able to keep Nick on track. She was able to keep his goofy and fun side while cultivating his side that was becoming a more mature young man. Andrew's teacher was sweet and caring and made Andrew realize that if he does his best work he will more often than not be done the first time. Luke's teacher seemed to go with the flow with Luke. I don't know if it was because Luke is getting more focused at school or if his teacher let the small things slide but Luke loved going to school. I think he had a bit of a crush on his teacher which probably helped a little.

Some of the fun activities we were able to attend were Nick's wax museum and the end of school carnival.

Nick chose to be Titus. He chose Titus because he was a very important emporer in ancient Rome. He helped finish the colluseum and he helped with the people of Pompeii after the volcano erupted.He was around in a bad time. There were two natural disasters during his rule. One of them was the fire of Rome and the second was the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Nick and Dylan.

Nick and April.

Madison, Cassidy, and Nick.

The end of school carnival was a blast. There were bounce houses, treats, a dunking booth, face painting, tattoos, and a slew of other activities.

Here is Luke and his teacher, Mrs. Hale. Sad that the other teachers weren't there.

Here are Luke and Liam getting their airbrush tatoos. They felt pretty darn awesome.

The boys had a great school year and I am excited to see what the upcoming year brings. Nick goes into Junior High which excites me and scares me at the same time. All of my kids will be going to school every day. It is crazy. I am glad though that their time away from home is with teachers who care about them and they are with good friends. It is really all that I could ask for.

Monday, July 25, 2011

liam's last day

We just returned from a fantastic vacation that I need to start posting about but before I begin there are a couple events that cannot be forgotten.

One is Liam's graduation from preschool.

It was freaking adorable. My emotions were a bit close to the surface going to the program because this is my baby all grown up. He is so ready though to move on to Kindergarten and I am glad that he passed all his requirements from Early Intervention and did not have to go last year. He would not have been ready socially or academically but I have to admit, this last year he has grown leaps and bounds and is all grown up.

I mean, just look at how excited he is.

These poor kids were the center of attention about halfway through the program. I noticed the little girl first bobbing her head since she was sitting next to Liam and then after I pointed her out to Justin, he said he was laughing at the little boy next to her. The girl would wake up periodically and try to sing and do the actions but the boy was out for the count. I would not be surprised if he has some whiplash injury.

I made it through the program just fine and then they started the darned slideshow. I think they should be banned.

I cried through the entire thing. Just seeing him and all his friends doing their little preschool projects was so endearing and it will be the last time I will have to endure it. The boys would look and me and laugh and I warned Nick that this was nothing...wait a few years when he graduates from high school. I may have to be escorted out by security since my tears will flood the venue.

Still a few more years. Whew.

Then Pomp and Circumstance was played and the students walked out on stage in their itty bitty graduation hats and received their diplomas and a lei.

So happy and such a big boy!

Liam and his cute friend Clara.

His proud brothers.

Liam and Lea.

The proud parents.

Thank you Miss Amber for all your love and patience and for all you taught Liam! He loves school and had so much fun in your class.

Watch out Kindergarten. Liam is ready.