Saturday, December 1, 2007

Luke just has a lot to say!

I went up to visit my Aunt Dorothy who is in the hospital and afterward my mom, Andrea, and the boys went to lunch. Luke was dead set about going to McDonalds and we passed a couple of fast food places on the way there and mentioned Wendy's. He said "Nope!" and as we were driving down the street and waiting at the light to go to the golden arches, he asked if we could eat at "Subway, eat fresh." I said no way (because he had made such a big deal about going to McDonalds but was laughing because of his comment) and he said "Darn it." Then later he asked my sister if she got Caroline anything to eat and Andrea said "No, she just eats milk right now."
He said, "Oh, she just eats zero year old food huh!"