Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Luke joke

Luke: "Knock, knock!"

Me: "Who's there?"

Luke: "Seatbelt!"

Me: (quite hesitantly!) "Seatbelt who?"

Luke: "I didn't know you could put your seatbelt on!" while laughing hysterically.

At least HE thinks he's funny!

We all scream for ICE CREAM!

We (me, mom, dad, Andrew, Luke, and Liam) went to the Utah State Fair on Monday, September 12 and feasted on all the ice cream we could eat. It was HEAVEN! There were several different kinds of ice cream and we tried many that we probably wouldn't have had it not been there...such as American Idol ice cream which was not one I would have voted for...okay, bad joke. Andrew of course got vanilla. Afterward, we went on a couple rides...Liam was unsure of the ferris wheel but made it through without any problems.

Try it Grandpa, you'll like it!
The view from the top of the ferris wheel.

A day at the museum

On Wednesday, September 5, my mom and I took the boys and Caroline to the museum of Natural History at the University of Utah. I had not been there in years and it was a nice step back in time...literally and figuratively. The boys of course had fun and despite all the neat exhibits there, they were most interested in the one with the naked Indians in it. Oh well, boys will be boys.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

another funny from Luke

Tonight at dinner Justin and I were discussing Nicholas' soccer practices and he mentioned that they were thinking of moving the Thursday night one from 7:00 to 6:00. I said "It is almost worse at six..." and continued on saying that it is harder for dinner and getting everyone organized. A few moments later, Luke said "Will I be worse when I'm six?" I explained that what I was saying had nothing to do with him and told him that he would be even better at six!

Oil for breakfast

This morning I was making oatmeal for Nicholas and Andrew and they took it into my room to eat and play on the computer. Luke was also in there and came out and said "Mom, I want oil for breakfast too!" I said "Oil? I don't think that would taste very good!" I could hear Luke having a conversation with someone in the bedroom and then said "Oh yeah, I want oatmeal!"

Liam is 2?

Where has the time gone? We just celebrated Liam's second birthday on September 1st and it is hard to believe that he is such a big (hee hee) boy. He is such a sweet and wonderful addition to our family and is doing so well. We had a circle theme for the party...we almost had it in our garage because that is one of the few words that he says, but I vetoed that idea since I had already planned for a different party. It was fun...hamburgers, hot dogs and an ice cream sandwich bar for dessert. We love having the family over and Liam was spoiled by all...with presents AND attention. We love you Liam!

This IS the place!

On Tuesday, August 28th (?) the boys and I with my mom and baby Caroline went to This is the Place park. I hadn't been there for a while but my mom's friends, the Stotts, volunteer up there and thought it would be fun to go. The boys had a GREAT time...there was a train that Brother Stott ran and let the boys sit up in the engine and "drive" the train, a little area with play houses, a petting zoo, an old school, and even a house that you could work in like pioneer children did...beating rugs, watering the garden, etc...which was the boys' favorite part. Unfortunately, it is much more fun to do it at someone else's house than our own! We got sasparilla (which was NOT enjoyed by the kids) for a treat and then had to take some reluctant boys home. We will definately have to go back soon!