Thursday, October 3, 2013


Ah, Lagoon.

The quintessential summertime activity. We missed out on the overpriced, prime people-watching, spine-jarring, headache-inducing fun last year so we made an extra special effort to visit this year. It was totally worth it.

This was Liam's first year he would be tall enough to ride the major roller coasters and he was stoked.

Our first stop was the white roller coaster. I sat right in front of Justin and Liam so I could turn back and watch him periodically. Justin filmed the whole thing. Liam was pretty excited until the first drop and then his expression was one of pure terror. He never cried and brightened up when I asked him if he was doing okay but I felt bad for him the entire time. Once we got off he wanted to go straight to the Colossus. He did fine on that one but once we exited the ride, he wanted a break from the roller coasters.

He wanted me to go on the Musical Express. I can tolerate this ride okay still even though my old lady genes are starting to kick in. I actually had a couple people tell me I was brave.

After riding those three right in a row, I was done for a while. Justin took a few of the kids on other rides that I can't tolerate. Like the Wild Mouse.

Oh, how I hate that ride.

It is funny because the boys were so excited that we allowed them to go off on their own with their friends if they wanted to. At the beginning, they were running all over the place and we would catch glimpses of them here and there, but as the day went on, they wanted to hang out with us. Well, except for Nick. We saw him at lunchtime. I snapped a quick picture to document that he was even there.

It was a perfect day. The weather was a little cooler, the lines weren't insane, and it is great that everyone is old enough to do whatever they wanted. Luke and Andrew even let Liam tag along with them on a couple rides and Liam thought he was pretty hot stuff.

It was the first year that they tried the Cliffhanger. They went on it over and over and over.

Liam lost his glasses on the Wicked. Justin realized he forgot to take them off of him as they were going up the hill and they flew off as they were going down. The workers looked for them a couple times but they are now a permanent fixture somewhere at Lagoon.

The men went on the Rocket to end the night and since I don't like that ride and Liam is too small to ride it, we opted to go on the Tilt-O-Whirl. I hadn't been on it since I was pretty young and I suspected that Liam would love it just like I did. It exceeded all of my expectations. I thought I was going to die and had to close my eyes at times to prevent nausea because we were spinning so fast but his giggle made everything worth it. I can't say that will be on the docket for next year but it was a slice of pure heaven being with that boy. Justin even won a cute stuffed animal for me for my sacrifice. It was a win-win.

Oh, Lagoon. Thank you for a wonderful day. You truly are what fun is.

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RockinRhoades said...

Oh I love your cute family! It sounds like you had a blast!