Monday, February 4, 2013

*christmas 2012*

Christmas Eve.

All the stress, the planning, the cramming of all the activities, the meditiating, the family memories, the love, and the anticipation culminates to a head and it seems I can finally relax. The presents wrapped, the quiet of the house, the calm before the storm. The realization that we have these two precious days uniterrupted without any outside influences to spend together, with family, remembering the Savior and his love for us.

We woke up this morning and decorated our Christmas cookies. There is something magical about being gathered around the kitchen table listening to Christmas music participating in an age old tradition. Each boy chose a favorite and placed them on a plate to share with Santa.

Justin worked in the morning, I worked the evening shift. Justin took the boys to his parent's home for their annual party and they all had a great time. Work was fine, it was actually steady and we had a few Christmas Eve babies. I would have much rather been at the party though.

I got home at 11:30 and thank goodness Santa dropped off all the presents pre wrapped or else I would have cried. My cute sister slept over and helped us set everything up and then off to bed. Justin and I stayed up talking until about 2:00 in the morning which doesn't happen very often. I go to bed very early and he is a night owl so it was nice to have that time to spend with him. It was a wonderful Christmas present.

I felt a presence standing over me at about 5:00. It was Liam wondering if it was time to wake up yet. "No," I said. "But we will wake up around 7." Liam said "YES!" as he ran out of the room and we heard him go into his room to tell his brothers and they responded with groans. Justin and I chuckled. We were totally being the lame parents.

Finally the magic time came. I got up to put the casserole in the oven while Justin prepped the boys. It is the same rigmarole every year. We have to check to see if Santa came, OH NO he didn't come, who was naughty this year so he skipped our house, yada yada yada. The boys love it.

I peeked and Santa did indeed come.

(One day I will learn how to use my camera in low light situations...)

We took the ceremonial picture of the kids on the bed

and Justin announced that Santa must have had a change of heart because there was all of a sudden a delivery made in the living room. Squeals erupted and Liam said "My body is tickling me." I about died. We chatted for a minute on how we were going to line them up and Liam suggested "tallest to oldest." He was so excited he didn't even realize what he was saying. We decided to line up in the traditional way: youngest to oldest. It seems to work out the best.

It was a whirlwind. We didn't have any semblance of order once they entered the room. I tried to snap picture after picture but I stopped after a minute because I just wanted to revel in the happiness and excitement and sheer joy that was happening in that room.

Santa loved their cookies. Next year I may suggest they leave a diet coke for Mrs. Claus.

We hung out in our pjs. All day. The boys played with their new toys. We had a toy casualty. We had family come and visit and then we went to Justin's parents for dinner. It was an absolutely wonderful Christmas. Only 364 days until the next time.

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