Thursday, February 14, 2013

*december wrap up*

The end of December was fun and almost just as eventful as the days leading up to Christmas had been.

We went to the zoo with my parents and Erika the day after Christmas. I guess the last Wednesday of every month you can get into the zoo free? It was cold but there were fun things to see. Some favorites were watching the seals get fed, seeing the baby snow leopards, and a couple of the bears were wrestling (which was super cute). I can't remember which boy commented that it looked like they were brothers playing around. I thought that was an adorable observation. After our visit we promptly came home and warmed ourselves up by drinking hot chocolate and snuggling under blankets.

We went sledding at Churchill Jr high. It was perfect because it had just snowed and it was sunny and the hill was just the right size to have a race but you could easily climb up and not get exhausted. There was also a pretty sweet jump that the boys went off multiple times and I was even talked into participating. It is so fun to laugh and play and have fun with my kids.

Justin's dad took us out to dinner and a movie for his mom's birthday. We saw Les Miserables and it was life changing.

My parents had the boys over on New Year's Eve so Justin and I went out to dinner and I actually stayed up until midnight. A challenge that usually falls flat.

And one thought to end with...

We were watching T.V. and a commercial came on.

Luke asked me: "Mom, what is Tae Kwon diabetes?"
I gave him a funny look and then looked at the television.
It was an advertisement for Type One Diabetes.

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