Saturday, January 12, 2013

*birthday boys*

Why is it that my boys are getting so old and I don't feel a day older than 28? Or 23 for that matter...that is how old I was when I delivered Nick.

I am starting to freak out because I hope that I have been teaching my boys what they need to know. I mean, they are almost to the age of driving and dating and missions. They are good boys but are they really ready to handle tough decisions? They also have been babied in the work arena. I always feel bad for them that they have sports practice and homework and other obligations that I haven't pushed them to do things around the house. Their wives are going to hate me and for good reason. I have a plan in place to fix the error of my ways and hopefully they will build lifelong skills to not only make their wives happy but fill fullfilled that they are contributing members of society.

Let's just hope that we can cram a whole lot of learning in just a few short years.


Darling Andrew turned 12 and had a fabulous birthday.

Andrew is kind and caring. He loves Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. He is my dreamer. He is my people pleaser. He does well in school and is a good and loyal friend. He also gives amazing hugs. He was so excited to receive the priesthood and be able to pass the sacrament. I love him dearly.

He is also my picky eater who had his menu planned for weeks. We had fettuccine alfredo, rolls, a very specific salad called bookclub chicken salad (without the chicken), and chocolate cake.

Nick turned 14 and although this past few months have sometimes been a struggle due to hormones and being a teenager, I feel so blessed that Nick has a smart head on his shoulders and makes good decisions. He has good friends and is my OCD perfectionist. He is obsessed with getting good grades and doing well in everything he does. He is a leader. He bugs his brothers most of the time but can also be sweet and although he won't admit it, I catch him having fun playing with them. He will still say he loves me, even in front of his friends.

Nick chose baked potato soup in breadbowls and pumpkin pie for his dinner.

Andrew had a friend party and we took these handsome young men to see Wreck it Ralph. It was actually pretty cute. The boys loved it.

Liam is really into photobombing.

We also had a family party which was fun. They didn't really want a theme this year so we just had soup and breadsticks and cake. Pretty easy.

They got some fun gifts and some creative ways to gift them money. Here is Andrew pulling dollar bills out of a tissue box that said "Don't blow it all in one place!"

Thank you for letting me be your mom you darling boys. I am so lucky and blessed to have you. Being a mom is my most favorite thing in the world and I am so grateful that you are so patient with me despite all my shortcomings and have not turned out crazy or hate me because you are my guinea pigs.

I love you both so much.

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The Winegar's said...

I love Nick's picture - trying to be a stud. Well he is one but the pic is great! Love them both.