Friday, December 7, 2012

*liam's birthday*

On to happier things.

Liam turned 7. I know, it is gross.

He, on the other hand, is thrilled.

We celebrated the morning by going to a couple football games vs. West. Andrew's team is the only one who won that day.

I didn't even stay for Luke's game so I could get ready for the family party for Liam that night. Justin said he played great.

Here are a few shots of Andrew:

I love that Andrew gets so happy for his teammates when they score. He always runs up and gives them a big bear hug. Every. time.

And here are a few of Nick:

When we went to the Bees game for the fourth of July, Liam decided then and there that is where he wanted to go for his birthday. He was a lucky boy because not only did they play on his birthday, they were even planning to have fireworks. He wanted to sit in the very top part of the bleachers down the third base line but we opted for lawn seats instead and decided that if he still wanted to sit in the bleachers, we could most likely move up there since there would most likely be room.

We had a fun dinner with good old American baseball food.

My friend let me borrow her adorable hot dog roller. Seriously, so cute.

We had cupcakes and ice cream in little plastic baseball hats.

Some of the party goers:

Liam got some fun presents. He loved this hoodie and the bike horn from his uncle Clark and aunt Kate.

He was especially excited when he opened up this journal that he had been wanting for a while. This kid seriously has a million notebooks. This one was special because it had a lock and a key. I absolutely loved his reaction.

He was also psyched about his new camelback just like aunt Erika.

It was just starting to get cloudy when we were heading down to the game and then the torrential downpour started. The game was delayed quite a bit. I felt bad because everyone had bought their tickets and I felt like their money was going to waste. The kids had a blast playing in the rain while we waited to see when (and if!) the game was going to start.

We waited for two whole hours. We bought dipping dots. So many people had left so we found refuge in the seats that Liam wanted to sit in. After sitting for a minute he looked at me and then said he wanted to go home. I felt a little bad for a second but then I stopped to think about it. He did everything he wanted to do and he really wouldn't have watched the game anyway. He just wanted to be there with his family and play and have fun. Mission accomplished.

I love this boy from the bottom of my heart and to the moon and back. Happy birthday sweet boy.

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Desiree said...

Happy Birthday to that cute little man of yours! His face makes me love that name all the more:)